4 Useful Tips for Underwater Photography

People who are passionate about photography will obviously be interested in underwater photography too. Well, underwater photography can be amazing, but it is a challenging task. However, when you learn the things of light underwater, like how you can work with your camera and the normal methods to composition, you will be able to succeed in getting amazing underwater images.

Here are Four Useful Tips for Underwater Photography:

Learn to Dive

The most important thing to bear in mind is that the basic of underwater photography is decent for people who have water skills. If one doesn’t have resistance skill, receiving well collected and ignited images will be a real challenge for them. The worse part would be that you will appear to be a danger to the atmosphere as you bang into the ridge while attempting to capture your shots.

Underwater photography is lot of fun and excitement, so you will easily lose track of time, which can be fatal due to inadequate air supply and can get lost in the venture. Therefore, the best method would be to look for some local dive shop and learn diving or go on a holiday to some place, where you can find dive shop and learn diving. However, you might need few days to learn to do real dives, so start planning ahead.

Get Closer towards Creatures Carefully

Irrespective of the size of your subject, you need to get close and closer. The most crucial norm to remember while taking video or pictures underwater is that you must shoot through the bottom of the water.

Water is almost eight hundred times as thick as air and it draws out color from entire range light. Thus, for your pictures to have contrast, clarity and bright colors, you must be right above your subjects. Though you think that you are near enough, you perhaps must even be little closer. You must do this by being calm and learn how to not spook creatures by allowing them to get familiar to you.

Macro is the important lens type to consider. Cameras, which can emphasise close and bring good exaggeration, will be good for capturing many creatures of the underwater world. Telephoto and normal lenses are not required for underworld photography.

Shooting Upwards

Do not shoot down. Instead, try to take pictures upwards, thus your viewpoint will include everything apart from the sea bottom. Suppose you target your camera down, there are probabilities of you ending up in a mess as your subject will get merged into the background of the stone, which will rather make it difficult for you.

The name of the game is separation. Upward angles are important for dividing your subject beside the water column. Few exceptions are creatures with wonderful backs like cetaceans, turtles and sharks when compared to conflicting backgrounds like open ocean and sandy bottoms. However, many photographers choose expensive 90 degree or 45 degree viewfinders.

Expose Things Correctly

In any kind of photography, proper exposure is required, which is very important to get the best results while shooting underwater. However, underwater photography complements extra complication due to false lighting being used frequently. This needs matching light from video light or strobes with the surrounding light in the picture, particularly in wide angle. This can be done by dialling ISO, shutter speed, and strobes individually. Thus, through your camera’s manual mode, you can be more comfortable.

Though underwater photography is challenging, if you learn the secrets of this photography, you can make it interesting!

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