7 underrated small towns in Tuscany every Traveller should know About

Italy is known for its delectable desserts and its beautiful villages. While the overall of Italy embarks on its beauty of landscapes and cuisines, the course of beauty trenches down to the beautiful state of Tuscany as well. Known for its quaint yet picturesque towns, this hidden gem of a territory is definitely what one needs to get a much-needed break from the onslaught of stress and life. Visit one of these amazing small Tuscan towns and rent one of the Tuscan coast villas to enjoy a much-needed getaway.

So, you mostly will travel the places that are famous and overcrowded because that is what the majority of tourists do, right? But how about visiting some of the lesser known towns in Tuscany that is nowhere less than the famous ones? Well, keeping that in the view, we are sharing some underrated small places in Tuscany that every traveller must explore.


This is one of those small towns that leaves every visitor and traveller gobsmacked and in shock because of the fact that it technically pops out of nowhere in the middle. A sharp turn from the western approaches towards this town is extrapolated when one’s car rounds a little hairpin bend. While you might be travelling from the west and with nothing in close sight, this town pops up out of nowhere which is what leaves all the tourists shocked and perplexed. The place of Valtiberina is what makes yet another amazing spot to visit in this town if you wish to spare a few days in here.


Located in the heart of northern Tuscany, Barga is yet another town is yet another hidden gem that is not infested with unwanted tourist attraction which is what makes it an amazing spot for a getaway. It is situated around 410 meters above the sea level and is one of those medieval towns in Tuscany. It is blanketed around the Tuscan-Apennine hills. One of the must-visit places to see and visit is the Pania Della Croce which is one of the most outstanding mountains located on the Apuan Alps.

Casale Marittimo

Known for its mesmeric natural settings and hidden medieval villages, this is home to a laidback lifestyle with a quiet and serene background. It is based close around the seashores which is what makes you feel and taste the calming breeze of the sea without hesitation. It is located close to the Tyrrhenian coast. The quiet lifestyle of this place brings your visit to a complete standstill which is definitely yet another amazing thing about this place apart from the clean and distinct smell of the sea which is set to bring you tranquillity.

Casole d’Elsa

Much like how the other towns in Tuscany are something that appears out of the blue, even the quaint town of Casole d’Elsa is blanketed between the main road of Colle and Volterra. If you want to enjoy the authenticity of the Tuscan culture and cuisine, this is the place to be in. It is one of the oldest towns in the entirety of Tuscan which is what further makes it a must visit. The small shacks and cabanas around the city are famous for selling the traditional food products that the place takes pride in so make sure to shop from there. Also, the street shopping in Florence is something you shouldn’t miss if you are visiting there. It is also home to the amazing eco-accommodation which it is known for around the world.

Castiglion Fiorentino

While the name of this place might be a bit tough to pronounce and spell out, this place is an amazing abode to the beautiful architecture of the Estrucan culture. It is also known for its nine arch loggias which overlook the entirety of the valley. It was built around the 1500s by the Vasari which is what makes its historical importance even further cherishable and momentous. It is located just in between the locations of Arezzo and Cortona which is something that actually does make it one of the most visited cities out of all the other Tuscan states.


If you are a fiction junkie and like reading books, pretty sure that you would be aware of the famous Tuscan writer Boccaccio who is renowned for his literary contributions via the books the Decameron and the Life of Dante. This quaint town is the birthplace of that famous author. If you are here to visit Tuscany to enjoy the delectable food and cuisine that they are globally known for, Certaldo is the just the place for that. Visit during the Boccaccesca Festival to have the time of your life. It is also famous for its street art festival, Mercantia, which is held during the month of July.


While this is considered as one of the smallest towns in Tuscany, it is a real treasure when one gets to actually visit and explore this place from the inside out. Some of the tourist attractions in this place include the necropolis, the National Archaeological Museum which is known for its exquisite collection of Greek and Roman Pottery. The lake of Chiusi is yet another must see in this town because it is the perfect rendition of what one would call as the combination of nature and sports.

Tuscany is much more than just what one sees on the outside. The array of beautiful yet quaint cities, towns as well as villages in this territory is what makes this an overall exquisite visit to a part of Italy. This place is the perfect one to let yourself free, enjoy some quietness and not to mention, the soothing and laidback life that the locals enjoy. Dig into some of the thin crust pizza and local cuisine around Tuscany and simply let yourself get engulfed into the life that you always tend to think of while staying in the hustle and bustle of the city.

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