7 Useful Tips to Help You Click the Best Photographs


Photography can be a hobby for some, while it could be a full-time career for others. A professional will capture it with artistic precision which an amateur may lack, but regardless of technicalities in execution, it always brings back emotions, which can be overwhelming. Photographs immortalize the moments you cherish. If you can keep in mind few things while capturing, you will be an amazing photographer.


    1. Visualize the image you want to capture. This will help you decide the lens, the focal length and the aperture to use. Clicking more and more will help you get familiar with the controls of the device.
    2. Photo composition is as technical as a painting technique. The most trusted rule when it comes to it is “rule of thirds”. Divide the frame hypothetically into two lines horizontally and vertically. Positioning key elements on the intersection of these lines rather than in the centre give amazing effect.
    3. To draw a viewer to the picture is an art. If you use leading lines, the image you click gets much better. These lines have their own terminology. Horizontal induces peace whereas vertical evokes a sense of power. Never leave a blank space in the foreground. Find something that can be gelled with the key subject. For example if you are taking a picture of waves you can connect it with litter so as to raise environmental consciousness.
    4. Commitment and practice are very important. Never let arrogance rule you. The day you feel you know everything about photography, believe me you will fail to rise. Be humble and grab every opportunity to click without fail. The saying “practice makes a man perfect” never goes wrong.
    5. Researching about your subject and reading all that is available helps you to improve your skill. Try to do a workshop in acquiring a new skill set. Join a club of like-minded people to hone them.


  • Find what you are best at like: are you good at capturing nature or do you work better as a photo journalist. Finding what excites you the most will help you to discover more in that field.


  1. Sharing what you know with like-minded people will help you in further enhancing your subject knowledge.


Photography is a scientific art done with a creative mind. Keep creating memories with it to cherish for life.


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