Top Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is world’s much-celebrated tourist destination; it became a combined state in 1861, and the Italians feel more loyal to their region rather than to the whole nation – something’s obvious in its diverse cuisines, landscapes, dialects, and often changeable standard of living. Many of the local festivals that take place in the country on any given day make merry a saint or the local harvest. Importance is placed on good food and there is an obsession with images and clothes and you can find them in the daily ritual of collective sundown stroll; passeggiata is a friendly affair celebrated by both young and old alike in every village and town across the country.

Italy’s capital is Rome, the only city in the country that has adherence neither to the north nor south. It is a marvelous city that has historical sites. Lazio is a part of poor and desolate region that’s often rugged in landscapes. Mostly south of Rome, it has distinction with more manicured beauty on the other central regions. Piemonte and Lombardy are the regions in the northwest, which make the country’s richest and most cosmopolitan region and the two main centers, the wealthiest cities are Turin and Milan.  In the south, there is a small coastal province, Liguria that has been known as the “Italian Riviera” and it is crowded in summer for the sun-seekers.

Venice is a unique city and the main focus of Italy. Everything is beautiful and everybody appreciates it and it has the Dolomites stretch into the northeastern regions of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto. Emilia-Romagna was in the middle of Italy postwar and they enjoy an industrial boom; the standard of living is equal to Piemonte and Lombardy. Coasts are well-liked among Italians and Rimini is renowned for its nightlife and trendiest seaside resorts.

Summer should be avoided to visit Italy, especially August, when Italians get away. If you plan to visit any museum, then you should buy tickets in advance during the high season. Restaurants named after a monument, city or famous artist should be avoided as they are usually meant to attract tourists. Emilia-Romagna is Italy’s best food region, and Bologna, its capital, is Italy’s best food city. Try out house wine as they are cheap and best in terms of quality. Avoid visiting Vatican on Monday’s as you will get the spillover of tourists from Sunday, when the sights are closed. Trastevere should be visited at night to experience typical Roman life, away from the tourist crowds. Castel Sant’Angelo has the best sunset view. Take a boat to the island of Murano for a glassblowing demonstration. Tuscany is still a great place to rent a villa for a week and that could be found in your guide book.

While these are just few of the places to enjoy the beauty of Italy, the list can be extended further to include a lot more places enough to last a whole year. Such is the tourist attractions list of Italy! Voyage Italie to experience the pleasure!

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